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It is easy to make your own beer, you just have to follow more or less traditional methods and start experimenting with them. After all, beer is only water, barley malt, yeast and hops. Learn the basics of beer brewing,  best beer ingredients, and techniques, so you can start making your own beer from home. 


Beer can be made in your free time, but it is not suitable for people in a hurry or very impatient. It requires a small investment in equipment (not much) and a love for beer. Over time, you will learn what equipment you need and how to make the most out of it. Just follow certain rules and have fun!


Read about the recipes I try, ingredients you need, and step-by-step method. The fun part about home brewing is when you start to invent recipes or try to copy other styles and commercial beers. Find out how I attempted to make a New England IPA, a Chocolate and Cinnamon Porter or an Imperial Stout.

Beer Ingredients – What’s Inside a Beer?

For any homebrewer, it never ever hurts to invest a little time understanding the basics of homemade beer recipes. Because the majority of recipes hold 4 crucial active ingredients (water, fermented sugar, hops and yeast) the more you get to know these components,...

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Imperial Stout Beer Recipe

First of all, let's start by knowing something about this style of beer and its characteristics. It is known that Stout beer is an evolution of another type of black beer: Porter, and it is also originally from England. This style of beer was first produced in...

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Imperial Stout beer recipe

Is Home Brewing Beer Illegal?

When you hear about people who brew their own beer it can easily conjure up prohibition images of speakeasies and moonshine distilleries. Perhaps it's the puritanical past of American liquor laws that make many of us wonder about the legality of homemade beer in...

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IPA Beer Recipe

In this article, I am going to write about one of the styles of beers that I like the most, because of its aroma and bitterness .... the IPA. This style of beer has a very peculiar history. As you may know, IPA is the abbreviation of India Pale Ale and this is...

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Beer Brewing Process & Equipment for Beginners

The five-step process for making beer in your home is simple: brewing, fermenting, priming and bottling, aging and enjoying! This article will give you a basic overview of exactly what to expect before the brewing starts. Brewing Throughout the brewing process your...

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Home Brewing Beer With CO2 Can Go With A Pop

Beer has been brewed at home, more or less for the past several thousand years. There is not much said about the practice before the nineteenth century. At some point though, men figured out that CO2 (carbon dioxide) was needed for brewing beer at home. This most...

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Brewing Beer

Beer drinkers see a pint of beer as a magical golden brew. Many have said that it’s surely the Nectar of the Gods. In reality, most beers are based on a basic four-ingredient recipe, and undergo a simple brewing process before bringing joy to the parched bar...

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Beer Brewing Traditional In Europe

Beer brewing in Europe continues to be a serious traditional business. For thousands of years, Europe has been a leader in brewing this popular beverage. Many countries have perfected distinctive beers; some are like mythological ambrosia. Maintaining the quality...

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